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Custom Models

Take your AI21 Studio game to the next level with a custom model tailored to your specific application.

Provide as few as 50-100 training examples and we’ll train and deploy a custom model for you, ready to serve production-scale traffic with unrivaled quality results.

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AI21 Studio is a platform for building AI applications that comprehend and generate natural language, powered by AI21 Labs' cutting-edge language models (LMs).

AI21 Studio allows users to generate text completions for an input prompt using Jurassic-1 language models. This is realized using either of the following interfaces:

  • Via calls to our API, which you can embed in your application or service.
  • Via our interactive web environment, allowing you to experiment with the models.

AI21 Studio offers flexible pay-as-you-go plans as well as a free plan for small-scale experimentation.

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