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Custom Models

Take your AI21 Studio game to the next level with a custom model tailored to your specific application.

Provide us with as few as 50-100 training examples and we’ll train and deploy a custom model for you, ready to serve production-scale traffic with unrivaled quality results.

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AI21 Studio is a platform for building AI applications that comprehend and generate natural language, powered by AI21 Labs' cutting-edge language models (LMs).

AI21 Studio allows users to generate text completions for an input prompt using Jurassic-1 language models. This is realized using either of the following interfaces:

  • Via calls to our API, which you can embed in your application or service.
  • Via our interactive web environment, allowing you to experiment with the models.

AI21 Studio is currently in limited open beta. For the duration of the beta, registration and use are free for everyone, subject to individual daily usage quotas as well as our Terms of Use.

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